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Case of the Month

Retroperitoneal Tumour

February 2018

Are the most common Mesenchymal tumours originating in the digestive tract. It is seen most commonly in the stomach (50%), small bowl (25%), colon (10%), Omentum/mesentery (7%), esophagus (5%) and <1% in retroperitoneum.
Case of the Month

Wilm'Tumor / Nephroblastoma

Case Studies

Commonest renal tumor of childhood that affects 1 in 10000 children More than 80% of children diagnosed with Wilms' Tumor are below the age of 5years, and the median age at diagnosis is 3.5 years
Case of the Month

Carcinoma Oesophagus

January 2017

Complete response in Ca Oesophagus post Definative Chemo-Radiotherapy
73 yrs elderly Hypertensive, Diabetic female presented with:
Dysphagia since 2 months
Back ache since 1 ½ month
On Ryles tube for feeding
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